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Empowering Leaders 4-day course

Our tried and tested method provides the structures & processes you need to reignite your passion & translate your vision into a scaleable business.

During our Empowering Leaders 4-day immersive learning experience, you'll discover:

  • Finance workshops that demystify cash flow
  • The cornerstones of exceptional leadership and how to grow engaged, productive, and proactive teams
  • Our S.I.M.P.L.E. Office Strategy, which shows you how to structure your business for scale
  • How to harness the power of your customers & generate business through referrals with our Consistent Brand Creator framework
  • To develop stakeholder engagement for maximised impact
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4-day immersive course

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With the support of a community of purpose-driven leaders, you'll burst through your limiting beliefs.

Gain access to some of the most powerful self-development tools in the industry, & develop a tangible plan of action. 

Take the first step to creating ease and flow in your business growth.

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Principle 1: Finance

Having a vision is one thing. Translating it into a scalable business takes skill, understanding and the support of a vast network of leaders who’ve been where you are and can show you the way. 

Our Finance frameworks demystify cash flow and provide an E.A.S.Y. Money ManifestoTM that will take you from stagnation to elevation in four simple steps.

Principle 2: Leadership

FLAME is far more than a practical business academy; you’ll burst through your limiting beliefs and gain access to some of the most powerful self-development tools in the industry.

Through our Transformational Team T.I.M.E.R.TM, you’ll learn the cornerstones of exceptional leadership and grow engaged, productive and proactive teams who are as committed to your success as you are.

Principle 3: Administration

Whatever your goal in business, getting your admin right will help you minimise stress and maximise success.

Discover the fundamentals of our S.I.M.P.L.E. Office StrategyTM and learn how to structure your business for scale with the right people, processes and risk mitigation.

Principle 4: Marketing

Your brand creates connections with your audience and builds trust in your product or service; it is crucial to growing a successful business.

Learn how to develop an impeccable reputation, harness the power of your customers, and generate business through referrals with our Consistent Brand CreatorTM framework.

Principle 5: Engagement

Whatever your business structure, stakeholder engagement is crucial. Are you paying all stakeholders equal attention? What are your customers and teams saying about you behind your back?

Our Balanced Business ApproachTM looks holistically at every element of your business to maximise engagement and increase your impact.

Meet your host Austin Green

Austin Green is the founder of Flame PrinciplesTM  and  has developed the tried and tested method with a team of experts across various disciplines.
Austin is an award winning business coach, cashflow specialist, & public speaker who has successfully built several multi-million-pound businesses & supported leaders to grow many more.
Austin is passionate about empowering leaders to achieve what's possible in life & business.
He stands for purpose-driven leaders fulfilling their vision & creating thriving businesses that work for their lives.

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